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The staff at the middletown ny store which is on 701 route 211 are rude, disrespectful and unprofessional. They violated my privacy rights by yelling out what I was picking up and I was insulted and embrassed by the Maryann because she assumed by looking at me that I couldn't afford my co pay and kept telling me it was $80.00 and never give me a chance to pay which resulted in my children never receiving their medication and I had to end up going to another pharmacy and having the doctor call it in again.They put my children's health at risk and discriminated against me and I have been a loyal customer for over 8 years. I always have had issues at this rite aid but continued to use them because of convenience but after this I am taking me and my families business elsewhere and informing everyone I know and companies I work for to do this same.And I'm reporting this with human rights and anyone else that can help me so that this never happens to anyone else again.

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Dayton, Ohio, United States #691828

I work for Rite Aid, Pharmacy employee actually, there ARE in fact rules against discussing patient medication in a tone loud enough for ANYONE else to hear. It is a HIPPA violation and it can cost you your job and some fines if it is bad enough.

As for having to have a doctor call in a new script at a different pharmacy, that did not have to happen. The second pharmacy could have called the first pharmacy for the transfer. We are legally required to give it up if someone calls for it.

I am terribly sorry that you were treated like ***. I hope that you can find a store that is more suitable and less ridiculous and judgmental.

Los Angeles, California, United States #656239
More butthurt. :p

Yes the pharmacies will confirm your order with you. Did they use a mic as well to announce your order for the entire store? Or where you self-conscious that you decide not to pay for your brats medicines?

How could they not give you a chance to pay? If it's 80 then it's 80! Maybe you didn't want to pay and was butthurt about your 'privacy' rights'. If they need to confirm with you on a pick-up they will. That's not a Privacy issue.

You don't even know what real privacy rights is do you? :roll Now if they announced it on the phone for everyone to hear that would be a issue.

But your just self-conscious and butt-hurt. Blaming the pharmacy for not handing you your medicine when you didn't even want to pay for it is *** and clearly a fault of your own. They deal with hundreds of customers everyday your no one special.

And if your endangering your kids healths by not picking up a subscription then that's a problem that starts with yourself! The prescription was ready, it was verified and it was 80. All you had to do was pay for it it's not like the store denied you of it. You just didn't want the pills!

Your responsibility. :grin
Naples, Florida, United States #628585

If you are worried about people behind you hearing your medication then you need to turn around and tell them to back the *** up. It was $80.

You chose not to pay and go elsewhere. I am not seeing the issue here.

to OH ***ING *** ITS THAT GUY! #635850

lets think about this. she said her kids didnt get there medication.

what do children usually get at the same time? antibiotics...possibly, but how would that be embarrassing? what else could it be? hmmmmm.


I wouldn't worry about that tech embarrassing you infront of what at the very most 10 customers.. you just told everybody on the internet your familie's problem.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #626981

You don't appear to be as smart as you think you are. You didn't capitalize some things, there should have been a comma between Middletown and NY, Rite Aid should be capitalized, how many families do you have?

It should be family's. What kind of medication did your kids need, that by saying it in a loud voice violated your privacy, what kind of kid's medication could have insulted and embarrassed you, by having a few other people hear it. Maybe it was the look on your face when you heard the amount of the co-pay, and therefore she repeated it. I highly doubt that she kept repeating it and I would be willing to bet she gave you an opportunity to pay it, but you got on your "high horse".

Rite Aid did not put your children's lives at risk, you did. However, their lives weren't actually at risk, being you stormed off to another pharmacy and made extra work for your doctor's office by them having to call in a prescription a second time. How do you know the clerk at Rite Aid assumed by looking at you that you wouldn't be able to pay the co-pay, unless it was the look of shock on your face when you heard the amount? You are assuming an awful lot.

Exactly how many companies do you work for, being you said you would inform the companies you work for to quit going to Rite Aid?

How is this a human rights issue, being it was you that decided not to get the medication at Rite Aid?

ladi miz
to anonymous Newburgh, New York, United States #627006

You seem to have taken this personal and decided to add personal attacks against me correcting me on my grammar you must work for this company that have been reported over 156 times on here.Your irrelevant and your statements say a lot about the type of person you are. If you were looking for a ignorant comment back I won't give you the pleasure because you are a non factor with a pointless opinion but thanks for reading MY post I hope you spend more of your time on looking into my issue wit Rite aid because I see it is important to you...

to S0_Sad #627061

shut up nobody cares about you and you seem to just want to be apart of the something so_sad your a fool you post from two different city and states your a fraud go kill yourself loser. so sad that name fits you...

to S0_Sad #627064

I have known Rite Aid to be horrible they have poor customer service and need to be put out of business. I use to use them but I stop and you should too.

to S0_Sad #627067

That sounds like the Rite Aid I know the people there are so bad you are in danger if you use them they make so many mistakes.

to ladi miz Otisville, New York, United States #627072

You handled that well do not let people like that get to you he seem to focus more on your typos than anything else and the rest was just him assuming just like the Rite Aid lady it was about money. People like him are hateful and fighting a battle within themselves, if i was you I wouldn't even waste my time responding to ignorance.

to anonymous #627056

You are wrong and must be trailer park trash and mad that Mitt Romney lost. You seem like a racist and show the behavior of a untrained unprofessional Rite aid worker I agree with the person who post this your not important and must be the people who are paid to counteract against those who make reports against companies they work for get a life loser.

to anonymous #627069

Are you a racist or a Rite Aid employee or both. Or just a plain LOSER ...I think all of the above...

to anonymous Dayton, Ohio, United States #691833

As an employee of Rite Aid, whomever you are your ignorant. Depending on the medication, the pharmacy in question could have done just that.

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