i was in the drive-in line. there was a car in front of me,that would not move he sat there until his prescription was ready.

there were 3 cars behind me we waited at least10 min or more. why couldn't they tell him to go around at the end of the line. this is not the first time this has happened. i go there once a month but getting tired of this.

i will start looking for another store if this keeps happen thank you store no is #04279 in middlefield Ohio.

gas cost to much to waste it in line. its too cold outside to shut the car off

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walk inside lazy people...too cold...move to florida


The drive thru is ONLY for moms with young kids, seniors who have trouble walking in the store and people too sick to come in. It is NOT for lazy, rude slef centered people who think they are the only person in the world.

Yet that is exactly the bulk of the people we see in the drive thru. I guess there will always be self centered jerks.


it really is the same thing in the store that it is in the drive thru, except you are wasting your gas in the drive thru, customers refuse to move thinking that they will loose their place in line, except you have allready been helped and inside mcdonalds customers usually move out of the way to let the next person be helped, but they don't do that in the rx at all, maybe its becase we are not allowed to say next.


people usually do ask them to come inside or drive around or come back, usually its the guy in the drive thru who says i wont leave till you give me my perscription.


you drop off your prescription at the window, you leave and come back within a reasonable amount of time to pick-up...you do not stay parked and waiting...this is a healthcare function not a fast food joint...as a pharmteck for a major chain i am amazed at what a cavalier attitude some people have concerning their "important" prescription...if you want to wait then park your car and come inside


Are we, as Americans getting so fat we have to have a drive through at the pharmacy? How about drive through Dr appt?


Whoever invented drive through in pharmacy is ***. This is a health care profession not fast food.

There is nothing can be done in 10 minutes in a pharmacy. next time try to come in the person, walking is good for your health.


:eek How can I politely say you remind me of my ex wife. If they didn't have a drive through you'd complain.

If your RX didn't have any refills you'd complain.

If If If........

Suck it up. If there is a line wait your turn and don't complain.


This isnt McDonalds, we dont have a drive thru to save you time, there is no 5 minute guarantee. The drive thru is for our senior and disabled customers, for their convenience.

We will not ask people to pull over to the side because we dont have service out to the car, that's what the window is for. So dont worry, your fries wont be getting cold, relax or take a walk inside.


why do so many people confuse the pharmacy drive thru with Mcdonald,s?

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #139738

I hope whatever medication you take it helps you be more patient.


Your like the people that come in and complain they have to walk all the way to the back of the store to get to the pharmacy when there is a drive through....it works both ways.


Is it really so hard to park your car and go inside?

If you **chose** to use the drive through window instead of going inside it's your fault for wasting your gas. They don't have to have a drive through, that is for convenience for you, but go inside and you don't waste your precious gas standing in line.


Lol Fred... agreed


ten minutes really isn't that long....its called patience

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