North Conway, New Hampshire
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called pharmacy to c if they where still open. she said yes for 15mins.

i raced down there.iam 5mins away from rite aid.went in the door asked manger if pharmacy was opened he told me no. i drove out back to the drive through and the pick up window inside was still up and the pharmacist was rite there waiting. i told her what the manger said and she was surprised. i really needed my maripex for my r.l.s.

thank god for the pharmacist she helped me. not the first time i have had a problem with this manger.very rude . the manger saw me go around back and by the time i talked to pharmacist she turn and said the manger shut of her register off it was still 5 mins.

to nine. im from no.conway nh 03860.this is where this rite aid is located.

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