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I've used Rite Aid for years as it is convenient and has great specials and didn't require any obligation via a card.Now, with the "wellness card" everything is advertised but some things only are discounted with the card that tracks your purchases and frequency.

I liked Rite Aid because you didn't need a special card to shop. My New Years resolution is not to shop at Rite Aid in 2010.

People should be insulted with their new tactics.Rite Aid has had many complaints via the DA for bait and switch techniques and this is right up there.


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Can you redeem your wellness points

Boulder, Colorado, United States #601857

Originally the wellness card gave a discount at the register like a Safeway card.Now there is some kind of "points" system.

These stores cater to more elderly persons and are ripping them off with big signs with discounted prices that don't apply in some (many) cases.

Screw that. I'll never set foot in a Rite Aid store again - EVER!

They're nothing but a bunch of crooks and shysters.They should be run out of business,

to jpooch00 #1020462

Good, you're the kind of person we don't want in our store.


Make sure you read the fine print:

10% discount for wellness card member but ONLY after you reach POINTS (in my case 250)

What a rip off. Stay away from Ride Aid and they have to adjust their thinking!

they adverise the price and the discount in large letters, and the fine print as small as possible, you can only read it if you tear of the discount info and read it close to your eyes.


Don't want it, don't trust it. As for "Duhon Reddick" you're rude and uninformed. There are PLENTY of stores that give a sale price without "hastle" (oh how I love your utter lack of spell check)

Case in point, I do my grocery shopping at Rosauers chain, they have never required a card, and offer competitive pricing. All others (Rite Aid included) I simply pay with cash and respectfully decline signing up for their cards.

BTW "Pissed Consumer" the commenter I mentioned clearly has a link in their message, which you claim to forbid. (Not to mention they're personally attacking virtually anyone who posts on this topic.)

to Not Getting a Wellness Card Kansas City, Missouri, United States #1038850

Looks like your favorite store got a card to..ROFL, karma sucks. Feel sorry for you. haha


If I need a wellness card to get a competive price, I just go to the competitors.Rite Aid gouges people at MSRP prices unless you can be tracked via the wellness card.

Also, in NY State those discounts do not apply for prescriptions.

If you do refills online, you must have a wellness card.Rite Aid.....lower prices to be competive, train employees that the customer comes first and ditch the gimmicks.

Bob Harlow

The thing about the Wellness Cards is that now, January 2012, they only seem to work if you have already used them a lot.Most of the items I recently encountered required more than 250 points on your card or no discount, as it says in the fine print.

This is just deceptive advertising.

If you don't want to give the discounts to ALL cardholders, don't bother to offer the discount at all.It doesn't make me want to go back to the store.


the wellness card takes literally a second to sign have them scan a card 4 you and tell them you're phone number.

heck, you can even give em a fake one if u want too. just as long as u keep up with it. u dont have to fill out anything or even keep the card because the discount is under the phone number u give them.

having a discount card can't be that inconvenient if it saves you is annoying having to ask people if they have one, do they want one, etc but you could always shout out your phone number in response to the cashier saying hey how are you like some customers at my store


I refuse to carry yet another card. After reading how Rite-Aid treats their employees, I don't think I'll shop there anyway.

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