Minden, Louisiana
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That was really stupid and the way the cashier treated you was very rude! They owe you an apology and they should give you $1,000 in store credit and they should tell you that they are changing their stupid policy so that if someone is obviously a senior citizen, that they can buy cigarette lighters, cigarettes of any kind of booze they want without being asked to show any kind of identification.

That cashier was acting like she was a government employee who had to go by the book no matter stupid the rules were.

She could have used common sense and let you buy it without hassling you like that. What, did she think that some cop was going to slap the handcuffs on her and take her to jail for selling Grandpa a cigarette lighter?

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She just wanted to make sure that the gentleman was of legal age. He could have possibly been a minor who appeared to be elderly because they were suffering from a very rare medical condition.


This is a totally stupid policy of Rite Aid's, but as someone who's worked there, we are threatened with termination if we don't card every single person, no matter how old they are. I've even had someone at my store get fired for not carding an older gentleman buying a pack of cigarettes. The rules are really stupid, but if they don't follow them, they get fired.

@Former Pharmacy Technician

They can even send in mystery shoppers to provoke employees and test them to see if they are following company policy.......

@Former Pharmacy Technician

What do you expect of a store that spells it name like an uneducated Rube would spell it?