I went to turn my job application in to a manager in rite aid off of east vista way vista ca 92084 I handed my application to the manager and she asked me do you speak Spanish I said no and she said We are looking for bilingual people I didn't kno this was little Mexico all though I did not say that to her I have 7 years experience with the job position I applied for seems like you can't get a job because you don't speak Spanish I have a second language which is Hawaiian doesn't English or any language count and they wonder why there store is so unorganize.

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Okay, I'm a manager that has a store with both english and spanish speaking customers. Two applicants come into the store one speaks english and the other one speaks english and spanish.

If the applications are even close in talent, experience, etc. , who would you hire?

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Are you sure it was not due to your horrible English? You ask if English counts but it didn't count for anything when you wrote this post.


Even though she was wrong, most spanish people give you a hard time and some even get down right nasty with you if you don't speak spanish. They feel they shouldn't have to learn english when they get here, one even told me its illegal to speak to him in english. So take it as if she was doing you a huge favor


Wow, it is my opinion that you have a case of discrimination on your hands. They can't turn your application away based on your not speaking Spanish because that is discriminatory.


What difference does it make if you speak Spanish or not, even if you did with your third grade level of education(shown by your writing and spelling skills) you would not have gotten the job in the first place.

They hire people based on what kind of customers shop there and if most of the customers only speak Spanish that is who they will hire.


If the store is in an area with a high population of spanish speaking customers, it only makes good business sense for the store to have employees who can communicate with them.

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