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Christina the pharmacist would not dispense my hydocodone when my insurance paid for it., She did five days early last month and mentioned many times how she was doing me a favor. I can only take the Watson brand.

I took it to my old pharmacy on the 6th and they gave me my medication. The problem, is they gave me Mallinkropft the brand I cannot take!

I am disabled walk with a cane, use a tens unit, and Lidoderm patches and due to her empirical call now I have no pain medication I can use. This brand makes me itches profusely and nauseous...

Review about: Rite Aid Pharmacist.

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It is just company policy. It recently came in effect that the pharmacy (even though your insurance may pay for it) can only dispense controlled medications 3 days early.

That is, every 27 days at the earliest. Christina was right, she was doing you a huge favor giving you your medication 5 days early. Not all pharmacies have this policy of course, evidently because your old pharmacy dispensed it to you when they did. Instead, it was dispensed at the pharmacist's discretion.

The reason why it is smart to have a policy like Rite Aid does, is because it reduces non-compliance. The truth is, if you're taking your medication like you're supposed to, you shouldn't need it early at all. The reason why you need a prescription for this medication is because it is considered unsafe taken without the monitoring of a physician. If you need your hydrocodone-acetaminophen more than 3 days early every month, there is a problem and you may be misusing or abusing that medication since you are not following your physician's orders by taking it as directed as stated on your prescription label.

And now it looks like you've dug yourself into a deeper whole, as your old pharmacy dispensed you another than your preferred manufacturer.

Looks like you'll be stuck without your Watsons until your insurance will pay for your next refill! Good luck with that.

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