Bagdad, Kentucky
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i misunderstood a dob for alcohol the register prompted me to sale the product. it was a sting operation abc, wrote me up.

rite aid discharged me after 6 years with them. but in the mean time i found out that there is a abc program that alerts and trains you to fake id, not to sell to felonys. did you know that. rite aid district manager tells me i didnt need a class like this.

rite aid doesnt tell their employees about this program the stick to the that boring cbt, just enough to get them off the hook from paying unemployment. why is there not a sign saying we cant sell to convicted felonys. there sure is one for minors,. you better card everyone or sooner or later rite aid will replace you with a lesser paid employee.

please do not use rite aid as your pharmacy. i know of two times a employee sent out the wrong medicine and she still works there. but they can terminate my job for 1.58 alcohol drink just because i didnt hear a date correctly. gee these people must not be human.

perfect i guess/. i know longer shop there, neithier does my friends, and family and anyone i can convince not too.

please join me in boycotting rite aid. they need to be out of business.

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Camden, New Jersey, United States #747004

Clearly you didn't check ID. You can't just have someone tell you their DOB.

You sold to a minor, which is against the law. Maybe you should have paid attention on your "boring" training.

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