This is regarding Rite Aid at the moment as it has not happened anywhere else, yet. I went in to the same store I usually go to as it's across the highway to purchase cigarettes.

The same lady is there who actually knows me. When she scanned the pack for ring up she said you need to swipe your license. I told her no. In the state of PA our social security numbers are included in the black strip on the back of the license.

She tried to tell me they are doing this because of young kids trying to buy cigarettes. I just looked at her and said I do not look that young and she could see that I was way over 21.

Do not know if anyone will care but EVERYONE should. This is just the beginning.

I guess it's coming to the point where we will not be able to buy anything without being scanned. Does anyone think this has anything to do with the provision in the obamacrap bill regarding the chip they want everyone to have inserted in to their bodies?

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California City, California, United States #600449

I have never heard of a licence needing to be scanned; your b-day is usually noted on your licence.


employees are required to look at licences and, depending on the store, scan them. it's a rule, and you can get written up for allowing anyone who reasonably looks under the age of 30 to buy cigarettes without carding them. nobody's out to get you, dude, you're just making life harder for working citizens who don't care how old you are in the first place.


This is done to ensure the associate isn't being lazy and just accepting whatever the customer says is their birthday. It's done to protect the company from fines and to protect against the purchase of tobacco to minors.

Believing that everyone is out to track or get you are actual symptoms of paranoia. Relax the government already knows who you are and and by the way zombies are not going to attack so quit buying bullets and water.


It's just beginning!! Hang on for the ride 'cause soon no one will be able to buy anything WITHOUT being scanned! Sounds like big brother to me!!!

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